We started 247africalive to provoke change and to redefine the news in Africa. We are a big idea organization and we will do big things!

247 Africa Live is a media company tailor-made for the African audience and for Africanists all over the globe. We bring you news (24/7) about the continent and the African diaspora in a way that is non-conformist, but designed to inform, to illuminate, and to challenge.

Our mission is to help those interested in Africa to see the continent more broadly and more boldly by vaulting them ahead of the traditional news cycle and to take them to that next level – refreshingly new political leaders, rising stars, boundless pacesetters, fresh trends, provocative ideas, and boundary-pushing culture. We show you Africa like you have never know it.

What will you get from 247africalive? Non-conformism, with cutting-edge news, spicy profiles, energetic engagements, breathtaking live events, and TV shows that captures the true essence of the continent and its peoples. Every day, 247africalive creates new content that will keep you on the edge, stimulate you, and make you see everyday things and events with renewed interest. Our perspectives are bubble-busting, delivered with just the right mix of reporting, activism, and insight. And above all, we bring a commitment to be scintillating, but true; never compromising fact for fiction. We will be your prefered news outlet. Welcome to the Africa news.


Join 247africalive for a view of Africa you have never seen before. Its is big and bold; but it stays true to the values of true journalism … with an African twist. Welcome to the Africa news!